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Do you have a price list? While this would be super handy, I acknowledge that every project, business framework and client is unique. For that reason, prices vary due to the potential customisation required. My process aims to avoid any unnecessary costs for you, while ensuring that brands of all shapes and sizes are always provided with exactly what they need in however many formats, configurations and versions required.

What are your payment terms? To kick off a project, I require a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% is paid at the end of our work together prior to handing over the final assets. On occasions, I am happy to alter my processes (where possible) in regards to payment terms to suit both parties, just let me know!

Do you accept paypal? Negative, my friends. I believe that PayPal is certainly handy (and the cause of many of our impulse purchases), but I just can't justify charging you extra to cover their additional fees. For that reason, I offer a completely secure payment option through my business management system as well as direct transfer. I will always provide you with an invoice prior to payment with exact details and a receipt afterwards.

Do your require a deposit? Yes, your deposit is your best way to secure our work together and ensure that I can dedicate the necessary time and resources to your project.

What's the difference between branding and visual identity? Branding is the strategic foundation of your brand, shaping how people interact with your company and conveying desired emotions and messaging. Identity is the visual representation of your brand, derived from the foundational strategy. It encompasses your logo, colours, logomarks, typefaces, taglines, iconography, wayfinding, and all forms of visual communication.

What's the difference between a design concept and a revision? A design concept encompasses every aspect of your branding, including typography, layout, colours and formatting. It sets the overall direction for the project. A design revision, on the other hand, is a targeted adjustment to one of these areas while preserving the overall feel and personality of the concept.

Does your costings cover printing? While I don't handle commercial printing, I can connect your business with expert printers throughout Australia. I'll assist in coordinating all details, from print finishes to paper stocks, ensuring effective communication between you and the printing businesses.

Do I own the work you create for my brand? You'll own all final assets included in your package, but it's essential to read through the contract I'll send you upon project commencement for specific details. While you'll own the intellectual property I create for your brand, my working files, preliminary sketches, and other materials remain in my possession. It's important to note that while I highly value acknowledging creators, I don't provide typefaces or typeface licenses registered to Lyndsay Swan Design. If you wish to use these fonts for ongoing communications, you'll need to purchase the licenses separately. Trust me, supporting these creative talents is well worth it, as they play a significant role in shaping your brand.

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