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My collaboration with the Ginger Guild tells a story of passion, purity, and a deep-rooted love for the planet. By focusing on their journey from sourcing to delivery, I created a brand experience that invites customers into a world of authentic, sustainable spice discovery. It's more than just about selling spices; it's about fostering a community of conscious consumers ready to make a difference with every teaspoon.

In a world where sustainability is more than a buzzword, the Ginger Guild stands out for its genuine commitment to eco-friendly practices. I developed packaging solutions that not only protect their precious spices but also pay homage to the Earth with biodegradable and recyclable materials. This project was a testament to how design can influence positive change, ensuring that every product the Ginger Guild delivers is a step towards a more sustainable future. As an Australian e-commerce spice merchant, the Ginger Guild is revolutionising the way we think about spices. With a commitment to 100% natural, sustainably sourced herbs and spices, they've set a new standard for the industry. Crafting a brand identity that mirrors their core values of sustainability, natural purity, and environmental responsibility was a journey of passion and creativity. From logo design to packaging, every element was meticulously designed to echo their mission of bringing the purest spices from mild to wild into kitchens across Australia, all while nurturing our planet.

Ginger Guild


Ginger Guild


Brand Identity Design + Packaging Design


Food and Beverage

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