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Sim & Mack marks a significant milestone in celebrating modern Australia's essence. Born from a blend of cultures, this brand pays homage to the rich multicultural heritage of Australia, with over half of its population having overseas origins. Sim & Mack stands as a testament to the nation's strength derived from its diverse roots, inspired by the founders Andrew McKenna's Irish-Australian heritage and his wife Simran's Singaporean-Indian background. The brand identity, unveiled with the captivating photography of Josh Geelen, embodies the spirit of multicultural Australia, making it a beacon for inclusion and diversity in the fashion landscape.

In crafting Sim & Mack's visual identity, I drew inspiration from the majestic Great White shark, symbolising the brand's commitment to leading the sustainable fashion movement. Every piece, proudly made in Australia, echoes the call for sustainability and respect for our natural environment. This conscious approach to fashion reflects our dedication to crafting products that not only celebrate Australian spirit but also promote a sustainable future.

The design process was an enlightening journey that aimed to honour Australia's rich traditions while embracing the vibrancy of its current diversity. The chosen palette narrates the story of Australia's breathtaking landscapes—from the expansive oceans and golden beaches to Uluru's iconic red sands and verdant coastal regions. This careful selection of colours and designs captures the contemporary Australian essence, seamlessly integrating traditional significance with modern diversity.

Sim & Mack


Sim & Mack


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