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  • Lyndsay Swan

Embracing change in 2024

Welcome to 2024, a year that I, Lyndsay, greet with renewed energy and a redefined vision in my journey as a Freelance Graphic Designer. After taking a transformative break, I’ve reshaped my path to align more closely with my core values and mission.

My focus has now shifted to nurturing and developing brand identities for health, wellness, and sustainability-focused brands. This transition is more than a mere business shift; it's a heartfelt commitment to amplify the voices of those making significant strides in enhancing human lives and caring for our planet.

In my renewed role, I’m not just a designer; I'm a partner to those pioneering in healthy living, sustainability, personal development, and innovative culinary arts like farm-to-table dining. My mission is to collaborate with 10 visionary clients each year, providing comprehensive branding and Wix website design packages. These are not just services; they are storytelling tools crafted to uniquely narrate your brand's journey and impact.

I'm also thrilled to invite you to join my monthly newsletter, "Letters from Lyndsay." Here, I’ll share personal insights, tackle challenges, celebrate successes, and offer exclusive resources. This newsletter is more than a regular update; it’s a resource to guide your business towards impactful growth and meaningful success.

2024 is more than just a new year; it's a canvas for purposeful collaborations and transformative achievements, bring it on!



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